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We work one to one. The best method for effective results.
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Northern Ireland’s premier personal tutor agency, providing tutors for all subjects at all levels – including top-class maths tutors.



Finding the right personal tutor to give your child a learning boost can be really difficult. That's why we started TutorExperts.

Why Choose Us?

Founded by parents

TutorExperts was founded by parents, working with experienced tutors – to help make the whole process of finding a good tutor much easier.

We teach in your home

Busy lifestyles mean that you and your kids may simply not have enough hours in the day. That’s why our tutors save you time by coming to you.

All tutors are vetted

All our tutors are personally assessed, referenced and, where necessary, vetted – so you can feel completely secure about your child’s new tutor.

Monitoring & feedback

All the time your child spends with our tutor is monitored for continuous improvement – so you can be sure of great results.

Happy Customers

Julie was a brilliant teacher who knew the course perfectly. She was able to go over all of it and specify the parts I didn’t already know. I found listening and oral work very difficult, so she spent a lot of time going over it, which really improved my confidence and my ability in it. I got on really well with her and she really helped me enjoy French so much more.
Claire, Student
James was pleased with the result but thought he could do better! He did say that the improvement was huge. He is well over the year average rather than sitting just below it. I think he will go into his GCSEs with a completely different attitude now. He got one of the best marks in the essay. I am delighted for him. Big thanks to both you and Laura.
Alison, Parent

We both work long hours and we were finding it tough finding the time to help our daughter with her GCSE Maths problems – never mind that we hadn't studied algebra in thirty years! The maths tutor that TutorExperts provided was great and my daughter really benefited from one-to-one learning.
Robert, Parent
Victoria is an extremely gifted maths tutor with buckets of common sense and a great honesty about her approach to your child. She had a great ability to empathise with our child and tailor her tutoring accordingly. Victoria totally sparked my son's interest in the subject and I would highly recommend her as a personal tutor to anyone.
Katherine, Parent